Lead Based Stabilizer

Product Description

They were historically used to improve the thermal stability, UV resistance, and mechanical properties of PVC products. Lead-based stabilizers were commonly used in PVC products such as pipes, siding, window frames, and vinyl flooring. They were also used in the production of other plastic products such as wire and cable insulation and automotive parts.



Excellent Thermal stability and UV stability.


Provides a very good processing cost.


Gives good impact strength.

Product Table

Product Grade Key Features
TBLS Excellent Primary Heat Stability
DBLS Good Heat Stability
DBL Posphite Excellent heat & UV stability and weather resistance.

One pack systems

Product Grade (Metal Content%) Application
Nexstab FP-105 34%+-1% Extruded PVC Profile, Pipe, Suction hose, Suitable for single Screw
Nexstab FP-108 28%+-0.5% Extruded Rigid PVC Products
Nexstab FP-103 24%+-0.5% PVC Pipe, Economic Heat stabilzer
Nexstab-PP 56%+-1% Rigid PVC,Extrusion Injection, Suitable for higher filer loading.

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