Tin catalysts

Product Description

Tin catalysts are compounds that contain tin and are used to catalyze chemical reactions. They are most commonly used in organic synthesis, particularly in the production of polymers and fine chemicals. Tin catalysts are known for their high selectivity and good reactivity, making them useful for a wide range of chemical processes. They can be used in both liquid and gas phase reactions and can be found in the form of tin salts, organotin compounds, and tin complexes



Known for selectively catalyzing specific processes


Provides good reactivity


Can be used for a wide range of reactions and Is generally non-toxic

Product Table

Product Grade Application Key Features
Di Butyl Tin Oxide(DBTO) Urethane and polyurethanes Solid fine white powder, Neutral and non-corrosive, thermally stable catalyst for trans-esterification and cross-linking reactions
Mono Butyl Tin
Saturated and unsaturated polyester resin Solid Fine white powder, Heat and UV stabilizer for PVC products and Catalyst for polyesters.
Di Butyl TIn Di
XLPE, polyurethane, silicone. Liquid organo Tin catalyst for polyurethane and Material stability, heat and UV stabilzer stabilzer for PVC
Di Butyl Tin Di
Polyurethane, silicones, silanol. The liquid catalyst for ease of processing and also a versatile catalyst for transesterification reactions and a cross-linking agent
Nexcat 502 PVC, PU, Epoxy Resin Pale Yellow Liquid catalyst
Nexcat 201 PU, Epoxy Resin Colourless Liquid Catalyst used during synthesis
Nexcat 802 PVC, Unsaturated Monomers Colourless Liquid Catalyst

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